Name and Number Song

No-name papers are such a pain!  Sing this little song every time you hand out a worksheet or test to remind students to write their name and number.  Students memorize this song the first time they hear it, and it really is a good reminder.  An additional bonus: when kids are singing when you pass out papers, they’re not chatting.

Name and Number Song
To the tune of “Frère Jacques” (Are You Sleeping?)

Name and number, name and number,
Write it down!  Write it down!
If you do not write it,
We won’t know who did it.
Write it down!  Write it down!

“Wait just a minute!” you say, “Why does the word ‘it’ appear so many times in the song?  Surely the lyrics could use better grammar and diction?”

Trust me, this is the tried and true way I’ve learned to teach this song: it’s simple, so the kids learn it quickly and it works–their names actually do end up on their papers.

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