Track Assignments as They Are Turned In

Managing the piles of paperwork is a constant challenge for teachers.  If you don’t keep track of student assignments as they come in, they will really get you down.  You don’t want to be grading stacks of work right before progress reports and report cards.

That’s why I invented the Keep Track Chart.  (A table with the boxes numbered 1-30)  I print several copies and slip each into a sheet protector.  I tape the sheet protectors to the whiteboard in a grid.  Now, I have an easy way to keep track of assignments!  I just cross off numbers with a dry-erase marker as students turn in their work.  The Keep Track Chart can be reused many times.  Each chart should last you a school year.

This works well with So You Think You’re Done?  (A game in which students run their work by you before they’re even allowed to turn it in.  See the blog post for more details.)  As students turn in their work, I mark it on their number.  Usually, I just cross numbers off, but I can write grades there, too.  It’s easy to write A, B, C or D over the numbers.  (Using a colored dry-erase marker makes them easier to read.)

I tape my grid of Keep Track Charts taped to a section of the board that is visible from my computer.  It’s easy to use the chart to help me log the day’s classwork grades.

I created Keep Track Charts in easy PDF downloads for you.  There are two charts: 1-30 and 1-35 for big classes.  If you have more students (and goodness knows I have), then just make a table in Word.  You can center the numbers in the cell by clicking Table Properties, cell, then clicking to center.

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