Work Is More Fun If You Do It in color!

I stumbled across this tip.   It began as a management technique and turned into a motivational technique.

The main idea: all work is more fun if you do it in color.  Write with marker, crayon, or colored pencil.

I started this because I teach a reading rotation of about 30 kids.  When I handed out pencils for seatwork, I’d end up with 30 dull pencils after just an hour, and it was a pain to keep them all sharpened for my group and my class.

Then I just started handing out random markers from my marker box.  The kids love it!  Their reading comprehension worksheets are more fun when they do them in color.  I like it because the markers are easy to distribute and collect, and they never need sharpening.

With my regular class, I have found that multiplication, spelling, and Social Studies are all more fun in color.

Why not color your world?

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Posted in Classroom Management,Tips for Teachers by Corey Green @ Dec 27, 2010


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