December 16 Boston Tea Party

December 16 is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.   I think it’s a good time to let your class brush up on their tea party knowledge.  For one thing, it’s a nice break from holiday themed activities (if your school still lets you do them).

As a child, I always pictured the Boston Tea Party as a summer activity.  I’m not sure why, but when you picture colonists dressed up like Native Americans, you just don’t picture winter coats.  You don’t picture them freezing in the Boston December weather, either.

Social Studies for Kids has a nice description of the Tea Party.

Learn about the War for Independence from a British point of view at the BBC.

Read a primary document about the event with this clip from the Boston Gazette.

Watch Liberty’s Kids – The Boston Tea Party episode (click for a description at

Or buy the entire Liberty’s Kids: Complete Series at

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