School Parade

Our school has an annual parade.  I’m so glad one of the teachers suggested it.  The parade is a fun way to pull a class together with a common goal, then unite the school as students cheer each other on.

We hold the parade in the hallways.  Here’s how it works:

Pick a theme.  We use Social Studies, which has a lot of potential for creativity.

Each class creates a “float” on a wagon—or just makes cool posters, costumes, or artifacts.

All classes assemble outside their room to cheer.

Depending on your school layout, design a route and a rotation.  Example:

Kindergarten marches first.  They begin the route that takes them through the whole school.

When the last kindergarten class has passed the first graders, the first grade classes join the parade.

When the last first grade class has passed second grade, they join the parade

…When each grade level has made a trip around their whole school, they quickly stash their parade things in their room, then race to the hall to cheer for the others.

The whole thing takes about 30-45 minutes.

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