Punctuation Takes a Vacation

Book Coverby Robin Pulver
AR Reading Level 3.9; 0.5 points
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Summary: When all the punctuation marks take a vacation, students in Mr. Wright’s class find it difficult to learn.  Nothing makes any sense without punctuation.  Then, postcards start arriving from Take-a-Break Lake with cryptic messages from punctuation marks.  Eventually, the punctuation marks return, the kids are more appreciative, and they all live happily ever after.  There is a list of punctuation rules at the end of the book.

Activities: This is a good Read-Aloud for 3-6.  I would have the kids guess which punctuation mark wrote each postcard. Then I would encourage the kids to write their own postcards from various punctuation marks.

Connection:  Lynn Truss’s Best Seller, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, offers equally entertaining (and always correct) adult punctuation lessons.   There really is an Apostrophe Protection Society!

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