How to Print AR Labels

Until this summer, I labeled my AR books by looking up the book information and writing the reading level, point value and quiz number in each book.  Students and parents helped with this.  It took forever, and it was easy to make a mistake.

Turns out you can just print the labels.  (I used Avery 5260, 1″ by 2 5/8″, 750 labels in a pack.)  Here’s how to do this from your teacher AR account:

1.  Click on Reports
2.  Select School Management*
3.  Under Quiz Management Reports, click Labels–Book
4.  Select Some (so you can select the quizzes you want)
5.  Click Select Quizzes next to the Some button
6.  Choose your quizzes.  The fastest way to search is “title contains.”
7.  Be sure to add the quizzes to your list.  You can select the quantity of labels you want for each book (nice if you have a class set)
8.  Click Save
9.  Click View Report
10.  Click the Print icon on the pdf
11.  When you print, if it doesn’t line up correctly with your labels, be sure to select None for page scaling.  Mine automatically went to Shrink to Fit, and my labels would not print correctly until I overrode the page scaling.
12.  Stick the labels in your books!

*From the school management menu, you can also click to print the AR Vocabulary lists for books that have a vocabulary test.



  1. Thanks so much! These easy to follow directions made it quick to label our AR books.

    Comment by Ann — January 12, 2011 @ 10:42 AM

  2. WOW, thank you for the information. I too did the old method of looking up each book and then writing a label for it. This sounds so incredibly easy.

    Comment by Mike Black — November 7, 2012 @ 3:57 PM

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