Dav Pilkey: inspiration for reluctant readers

Captain UnderpantsDav Pilkey’s humorous style is perfect for reluctant readers.

His most famous books, the Captain Underpants series, turn children into chapter book readers.

Dav Pilkey’s appeal goes far beyond that.

Part of the attraction to readers and teachers: Dav Pilkey writes in series.  Once you hook a child on one Dav Pilkey book, there is usually a series to be explored.  By the time the child reads one Pilkey series, he craves another.  Soon, you have hooked the child on reading.

Check out the Dumb Bunnies books, about a truly stupid family of rabbits.  My favorite is The Dumb Bunnies’ Easter (AR level 2.7, 0.5 points), a mishmash of holidays that the bunnies get completely wrong.  (Santa Claus is the Easter Bunny, and he comes in a shiny red minivan pulled by eight flying pilgrims.)

The reading level of the Dumb Bunnies books helps you reach more than one target audience.  Primary students will work hard to be able to read Dumb BunniesDumb Bunnies books are also good high interest/low reading level (hi/lo) choices for struggling middle grade students.

The same holds true for Dav’s Dragon series.  (AR reading level around 2.7)  The books are perfect for primary children, but can be used as a hi/lo choice for older readers.  Once a child reads Dragon’s Fat Cat or Dragon’s Merry Christmas, there is a series to enjoy.

Students who tend to read the easiest picture book possible can be lured into reading harder picture books with titles like Dav Pilkey’s Dogzilla (AR level 4.2, 0.5 points).  Combining a humorous story with hilarious photographic illustrations using Dav’s own dog, Dogzilla will entertain all elementary readers.  After Dogzilla, readers will enjoy Kat Kong (AR level 4.1, 0.5 points).

Create chapter book readers with two of Dav’s series: Ricky Ricotta and Captain Underpants.

Ricky Ricotta is slightly easier.  The books’ AR levels range from 2.9 to 4.1, with most in the 3rd grade range.  Children will enjoy reading about Ricky, a mouse who befriends a giant robot and saves the city from an evil rat scientist named Dr. Stinky McNasty.

Children clamor for Dav Pilkey’s most popular books, Captain Underpants.  They are perfect gateway to reading real chapter books.

Dav Pilkey can be an important part of your classroom reading program!

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