Resources for learning how to type

Your child needs to learn how to type, and the sooner the better.  Aside from reading at home and practicing basic math facts, I think typing is the most important educational activity your child can do.  Typing will make your child more efficient in later life, and at this stage, learning the skill helps your child activate different sections of his brain.

You can buy typing programs.  My siblings and I learned from Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.  It’s a wonderful program that really works.

You can also try free programs.  The BBC has a good one: Dance Mat Typing.  Your kids will like the goat with a British accent.  The animals only get more outrageous from there!  My students like this program, although they do get impatient with all the talking.  Oh, well—it’s free!

When I learned to type as a fifth grader, my parents set a goal: 40 words per minute.  That’s when I would know I was good.

My third graders are learning to type on the Neo2, using a program called Keywords.  Typing 40 words per minute will be no small feat for them.  They are super motivated to learn, though.  The reward?  A soda and candy bar from the teacher’s lounge!  (My third grade teacher offered this reward when we learned all our multiplication facts.  I still remember the thrill of visiting the teacher’s lounge and selecting my treat.)

Bribery.  Sometimes you just have to do what works.

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