Read Around the House* – Part Five: The Car

This is part five of an occasional series of tips for making reading a part of your child’s daily routine.  The more your child reads, the more he knows—and the more interesting his world becomes.

Okay, so I strayed from the around-the-house theme—many families spend a great deal of time in the car.  This can be a good time for children to read.

If your family has many kids, you probably spend time waiting in the parent pickup line at school, cooling your jets until baseball practice ends, and just generally hanging around in the car.  This is the ideal time for your kids to read.

Some kids get carsick if they read.  One solution is to place something over the window near the child, so she isn’t seeing movement in her peripheral vision.  On car trips, I used to put a pillow over the window, and those suction cup rollup shades can work, too.

Car reading material might be short: comic books, two-minute mysteries, magazines, books about animals that kids can browse.  If you have interesting reading material in the car, kids will read it.

*Does your child’s teacher assign a nightly requirement for reading?  Use these tips to incorporate reading seamlessly into your daily routine.  It can really help if your child is not the drop-everything-and-read type.

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