Read Around the House* – Part Four: The Family Room

This is part four of an occasional series of tips for making reading a part of your child’s daily routine.  Today we tackle techniques for making reading a family activity.

The family room is usually where we watch TV.  Television can be fun: family movie night or a weekly TV show can be an easy and inexpensive shared entertainment.

The family room can be for reading, too.  This works particularly well if you have a no-TV-during-the-school-week rule.

When we lived in Florida, daily lightning storms were a matter of course.  My parents declared reading afternoons with no electronics.  Some of the neighborhood kids were skeptical at first, but we had so many awesome books that they became entranced, too.  It became a summer tradition.

You can do the same for your kids in the family room.  Kids can sit around and read, or you can spice it up a little.  Take a look at my Fort Day post and build forts to read in.  Or spread a blanket on the ground—kids love this!  You can even turn off the lights and read by candlelight.  Ghost stories are good for this, of course, but so are old-fashioned stories.

You can also have family read-aloud time.  Reading aloud used to be a very common form of group entertainment, before the advent of radio and the television.   It can still be a fun family activity, especially when older children read to younger siblings.

*Does your child’s teacher assign a nightly requirement for reading?  Use these tips to incorporate reading seamlessly into your daily routine.  It can really help if your child is not the drop-everything-and-read type.

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