Read Around the House* – Part Three: The Bathroom

This is part three of an occasional series of tips for making reading a part of your child’s daily routine.  Help your child develop a reading habit, and you have created a lifelong learner.

In my AP European History class, our teacher told us of a boy the year before who slept through class and never did his homework.  He assured the teacher he would pass the AP test, and he did, going so far as to score a 5 out of 5.  His secret?  Reading the textbook in the bathroom.  My high school takeaway lesson?  Hope I don’t have his book!

Not to put the point too delicately, but reading on the can is classic.  It’s the ultimate use of “found time.”  Your child will eventually do it—why not start now?

You need a basket (or just a pile of reading material that’s not too close to the tub or toilet.)  Select old books or magazines for bathroom reading.  You can even buy books specifically for this purpose, such as the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series.

Reading in the bathtub is another classic.  This is good for longer books, like novels.  (Or the book-sized digest form of comics, like Archie’s Double Digest.)  I don’t recommend magazines for kids because they will be difficult to hold out of the water.  I strongly urge that bath time reading be used paperbacks that can get wet.  No library books allowed!

As a kid, I read in the shower—but I don’t recommend it.  The books got soaked!

*Does your child’s teacher assign a nightly requirement for reading?  Use these tips to incorporate reading seamlessly into your daily routine.  It can really help if your child is not the drop-everything-and-read type.

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