Read Around the House* – Part One: The Kitchen

This is part one of an occasional series with tips for making reading a part of your child’s lifestyle.  By incorporating reading into the daily routine, you are setting up your child for a lifetime of learning.

The Sunday morning newspaper-at-breakfast tradition exists for a reason: people have an inherent need to feel social while they eat.  If a dining companion is not available, people naturally gravitate toward reading.

During the course of the week, your child may dine alone for a few snacks or even meals.  Keep books, magazines, newspapers, or even comics in your kitchen.  Your child will soon get into the habit of reading while eating alone.

…unless you have a TV in the kitchen.  (If so, move it or make it off-limits at mealtime.  Claim that it’s only for watching the Food Network and cooking.)

Consider inviting the kids to read in the kitchen while you prepare dinner.  That makes it easy to ask what a word means without losing the momentum of the story.  Or have older kids read aloud to you or to siblings while you cook.  You get the idea.  Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary event; it can be part of the family fabric.

*Does your child’s teacher assign a nightly requirement for reading?  Use these tips to incorporate reading seamlessly into your daily routine.  It can really help if your child is not the drop-everything-and-read type.

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