Best Multiplication Songs EVER!

bookRemember how you learned your ABCs?  It was easy.  You sang a simple song with simple lyrics.  If you’re like many people, you still hum the tune to yourself when alphabetizing.

My new CD, Best Multiplication Songs EVER!  lets kids learn their times tables just as easily.

I stand by my claim that they’re the Best Multiplication Songs EVER!  The songs are catchy and easy to memorize.  The lyrics are simple and the tunes are familiar.  Your class can listen to all times tables, zero through twelve, in 8 minutes.  Special music-only performance tracks let kids test themselves—or put on a show.

Best Multiplication Songs EVER!  helps students access their times tables using multiple intelligences: linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, and bodily kinesthetic (because these toe-tapping tunes get kids dancing!)  The result is that students learn more quickly, more permanently, and make more connections in their learning.

In teacher terms, the songs build a prior knowledge.  Times tables are boring, difficult, and abstract to most children.  The songs put the times tables in students’ heads—prior knowledge that makes the task of memorization easier.  You’ll notice students singing the songs to themselves as they complete multiplication practice sheets.

Best Multiplication Songs EVER!  is available for purchase at  If your school is interested in buying multiple copies, contact Abligio Books for a special school rate.

This one-minute YouTube video explains Best Multiplication Songs EVER!  and samples several of the songs.  I hope you enjoy it!

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