Meet the Blogger

Corey Green

Hi, I am Corey Green, a National Board Certified Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.

I have taught grades 3-8 and I have worked with students in grades K-12.  My students have had a range of special needs:  ELL, ESL, Special Education, and Gifted.  I really love teaching English Language Learners.  It’s very special to me because I know what it’s like to struggle to learn a new language and a new lifestyle.  My dad took my family along for his two-year Air Force posting in Italy when I was in sixth grade.

This blog presents views on how kids really act, think and learn in today’s classrooms.  I hope we can share ideas and tips to help kids thrive in the few years that they spend in elementary classrooms.  You will see that I have a special place in my heart for first-year teachers and special area teachers–librarians and teachers of music, PE and art.  I try to offer plenty of tips for first-year teachers and plenty of ways for classroom teachers to show appreciation for special area teachers.

You will also find links and posts about my award-winning multiplication products.  Best Multiplication Workbook EVER! is a complete curriculum from learning times tables through standardized test mastery.  It features scaffolded learning, cumulative review, real-life word problems, and detailed teaching guides.  Best Multiplication Songs EVER! help kids learn their times tables as easily as they learned their A-B-Cs.  The songs work like magic for grades 2 to 4; they are remedial for grades 5 & 6.  My students loved using both products to help them master their basic facts and develop problem-solving skills.  Your students will, too.