Have kids sort the community school supplies

If your school allows, consider the school supplies kids bring to class to be community supplies for your class.  You will have an overwhelming influx of supplies that must be sorted and put away.

Many families will bring school supplies to Meet the Teacher Night.  In my first year, I had the kids leave everything at their desks.  Now, I know better.

Set up plastic bins, open drawers, designate cubbies or table space for specific school supplies.  Label each storage area (such as crayons, pencils, glue) with Post-Its or more permanent labels.  Parents and new students will be happy to sort the supplies for you.   Set out a trash can and ask them to unwrap everything and place the supplies in the storage areas corresponding to your labels.

Repeat the exercise on the first day of school—but with students doing everything.  It’s a good community builder and a nice way for them to get to know the classroom.

Now you will have more time to deal with all the strange situations that crop up on the first day of school!


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