Point & Focus

I learned this tip for helping ADHD kids focus, but it can help every child learn.

It’s simple: touch the child’s shoulder and simultaneously point to the information, such as a passage in a book or a math problem on a worksheet.   Give the child a moment to focus on the material before you begin your explanation or give directions.

If the child cannot maintain his focus, bring your face to the same level of the child’s face and speak softly in his ear.  Encourage him to concentrate on what you are saying.  Explain the material and gently take the child’s hand, helping him touch the material you are explaining.  You might help the child run his finger under a sentence as you read and explain it or tap the answer to a math problem.

This tip works because you activate multiple senses.  The child responds to touch, then sight as you point, and finally to hearing what you say.  It’s a gentle way to focus a child’s attention.

We all know that simply telling a child directions just doesn’t work!


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