Empty tissue boxes make the best plastic bag dispensers

KleenexGroceryBagsDon’t pay money for a plastic grocery bag dispenser.  Use empty tissue boxes!  Stock your classroom with at least one Kleenex box full of plastic grocery bags.  They are perfect for waterproofing things for the soggy walk home, isolating stinky trash, and just generally keeping things neat.

Worksheet: Article about Whole Foods discontinuing use of plastic grocery bags: use it to summarize, as a springboard to a writing assignment, or for the 5 Ws (Who What Where When Why)

Challenge students to list ways to reuse plastic grocery bags.  Click here for ideas to get you going.

Paper or Plastic? Unit by Monroe County helps students understand the life cycle of the bags and the energy required to make them.

Posted in Classroom Management by Corey Green @ Oct 26, 2015


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