Dos and Don’ts for the State Writing Test

Test TakingThese are tips I give my students in preparation for the writing portion of the state achievement tests.

  — Read the directions.
— Make sure you understand the topic and the question.
— Stick to the topic.
— Plan!  Make a list or a web, whatever works for you.
— Organize!  Have a clear beginning, middle, end.
— Open with an attention getter: a question, announcement, or onomatopoeia. (Bang!  I’ll never forget the sound of the door slamming behind me when I was kicked out of class.)
— Use descriptive words where appropriate.
— Be clear and concise.
— Revise and edit.

  — Don’t end with “The End.”
— Don’t write a list.  Put the information in paragraph form.
— Don’t introduce new information in the conclusion.  You should restate the main idea, but in different words.
— Don’t write “that’s what…” in the conclusion. (Example: “That’s what makes a good friend.”)
— Don’t repeat, reiterate, and restate the same thing over and over again.

Most of all: DON’T WORRY! You’ve practiced writing essays just like this and you’ll do well on the test, too!

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