Teach Ancient Roman History Using Fun Resources from the BBC

r_map_empireThe BBC Primary History Ancient Rome feature is one of my class’s favorite computer lab activities. Share this educational resource with your class!

The Ancient Rome site features information, an interactive timeline, and a fun game called Dig it Up!

Your students will like the information. Use is as a review, a preview, or as part of an Internet activity:

Your students will enjoy Dig it Up!  In the game, you help a team of archaeologists prove that a Roman town existed in what looks like an ordinary field.  But hurry!  If you don’t find proof quickly, a motorway will be built right across the site.

Students will enjoy employing their diggers to search for artifacts.  Once students have found the artifacts, they try to put them together and guess what they are.

Your kids will love the British accents of the characters in the game.  Tell them to be on the lookout for British spellings, such as artefact instead of artifact and ‘s’ where we would write ‘z’.  (Example: ‘realised’ instead of ‘realized’.)

The teacher’s resource area is extensive.  There are free worksheets and lesson plans, an online quiz, pictures, and videos.  The site links you to other Internet resources to teach Ancient Roman history.

Map courtesy of the teacher’s resource area.

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