Peggony-Po: A Whale of a Tale

Peggony-Po: A Whale of a TaleAndrea Davis Pinkney
AR Reading Level 3.9; 0.5 points
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Summary: Peggony-Po is a wooden boy made by Galleon Keene, a whaler who lost his leg while trying to capture the best whale of all, Cetus.  The story follows Peggony-Po as he rides Cetus around the world, ultimately convincing the whale to stuff himself and end up beached, dying fat and happy.  Published by Hyperion Jump at the Sun, the book is definitely African-American.

Activities: This book is a great Read-Aloud, because the language is vivid and difficult and the subject unfamiliar.  Sixth graders could read and understand it themselves, but anyone younger would need help, because they have so little experience with the topic.  The kids could make many connections: to Moby-Dick, Pinocchio, etc.  The afterward explains the history of whaling, and shows that the sea was “the great equalizer”—a good whaler was a good whaler, no matter the color of his skin.  History and character lessons abound.

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