I’m Through! What Can I Do?

This workbook series by Creative Teaching Press helps you answer the age-old classroom management problem: kids finish work at different rates, and idle kids are naughty kids.

Each activity book is filled with thinking and learning tasks that challenge students’ reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills. The worksheets take students the perfect amount of time: not so short that it was a waste of paper, not so long that frustration builds.

I use the I’m Through! What Can I Do! books for my Emergency Sub Plans. They are a great source of fun activities to keep kids engaged in my absence. The worksheets also make good challenges for daily classroom life.

A few ideas for using the activity books:

Put copies of the worksheets into page protectors and let kids do the worksheets with dry-erase marker or crayon. (Crayon rubs off many sheet protectors.)

Designate an area of the classroom for the Fast Finisher activity of the day.

Make things easier on yourself by not promising a daily Fast Finisher activity: set them out whenever you remember to copy a few.

Have a supply of class sets of Fast Finisher worksheets for when the class just doesn’t want to do traditional schoolwork. The half hour between a schoolwide assembly and the dismissal bell is a perfect time.

Level the Fast Finisher worksheets by using activities from books below, at and above grade level.

As you can see, there are many “I’m Through” titles to choose from.

More I’m Through, What Can I Do?, Grade 1
More I’m Through, What Can I Do?, Grade 2
More Im Through What Can I Do Grade 3
More I’m through, can do? Grade 4
Im Through What Can I -Grade 3-4 (Learning Works)
More I’m Through, What Can I Do?, Grade 5
Im Through What Can I -Grade 5-6 (Learning Works)
Learning Works I’m Through, What Can I Do? – Grade 5-8
More I’m Through! What Can I Do?, Grade 6

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