How to Ace standardized tests: Cross off the Wrong Answers

Here’s a simple way to keep track of your estimates, guesses and solutions: Cross off the wrong answers!

 Review the answers before you solve the problem. Often, you can eliminate obviously wrong answers.

* Cross off answers you can identify as wrong even before you start solving the problem.

* Cross off answers that you can identify as wrong or incomplete as you work.

* Cross off answers that correctly compute part of the solution when multiple operations are needed to solve the problem.

* If the word problem requires a person, place or thing in the answer, cross off answers that only have numbers.  This is especially important when the number you cross off is the correct answer to the word problem.

* When you check your answer, be sure you answered the question that was asked! Remember even with math tests, the right answer might not be a number: it might be a person, place or thing!

Posted in Academics,Math by Corey Green @ Apr 4, 2011


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